TrendStrategics Topeka Kansas

Founded in 1987 as Thermo Plastics, TrendStategics has kept up with the times and embrace the digital landscape.  In 1993, we built our first web site.  After studying html coding to accomplish unheard of results, we were able to rank 9 out of the first 11 pages on Google, (out of over 1.2 million pages found) and that was from organic traffic.  In fact, Google didn’t even have Adwords back then.  So our ranking was absolutely free (other than we worked like crazy to get that accomplished).  And we never stopped learning and keeping up with software and web trends.  Today we continue.  And now, we’re here to help you reach your goals and increase your sales.

Since 1987

TrendStrategics has been creating brands and reinforcing brands for over 30 years by our parent company Promotionals Inc.  We started doing business in 1987 as primarily a sign shop that specialized in vacuum formed signage.  We produced raised letter signage and sold them door to door in about a 60 mile radius of Topeka and quickly embraced screen printing and then cut vinyl graphics.  Didn’t take long to start including promotional products to the mix and never looked back.  We have been providing promotional products to all sizes of businesses nationwide for over 30 years and it has been an exciting ride.  We have sold our products in all 50 states, plus District of Columbia (Washington DC) and numerous foreign Countries.  Our work has made the covers of several magazines and our photographs have been used all over the world.

Embracing the Internet 1993

 Embracing the internet in 1993, we built our first web site.  The tools weren’t near as user friendly as they are today, but we persevered and in a few months we had built our first web site.  After a few more months of doing some internal coding (now called SEO), our site was placing the first 9 out of 11 pages for numerous key word searches.  And that was organic searches, way before Google figured out they could charge for Adwords!

 As you probably know, it is fairly important for most businesses to have a web presence.  And, your website needs to look well, load quickly and be relevant to your market.  These 3 elements are critical for today’s web.

You get what you pay for!

 People recognize the inexpensive do-it-yourself sites that offer drag and drop page building.  They are cheap and they look cheap and don’t really present your business in a professional way.  People may not want to do business with you even after they find your site if it looks like it was done in an afternoon.  Professional sites takes countless hours and a lot of work.  The formatting, colors, font selection, navigation and design need to be addressed as well as content and of course backend coding to help with your search results.  Every element of your site needs to be considered.  More often than not, when we start a site, we try many options throughout the process to get the right feel for what it is the site is about and what we are trying to accomplish with it.

Your Domain is your Address!

 View a web address as you would a physical one.  The name is so very important.  It needs to be easy to remember, easy to type and relevant (more on relevant later).  If you look at a web site as your store front, it will help you understand what I am saying.  It needs to be clean, in a safe area of town, orderly and well just laid out nicely.  If it is dingy and dirty and confusing to find things, then people will probably just walk out and not come back.  And if they do mention your address to someone, it may not be in the best light.  Your web address is exactly the same.  Obviously they can’t walk it, but to some degree, they actually are walking in.  If they don’t like what they see, they quickly turn around and the door shuts behind them.  Make sure you invest in a professional address.  If you can’t do it yourself, seek a company that can.  It may be the first impression or you may have met them at a business function or just out on the street.  You hand out your business card (which matches you web site) and is professionally designed and printed.  And they go to your website only to find a mess or an ugly mess.  Make sure this is not you.

We are a selective internet resource company in Kansas.  We specialize in Digital & Targeted Marketing.  Give a call to see if we are a good match to work together.