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What Types of Google Ads are there?

Google Ads

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Formerly called Adwords is an advertising service by Google for businesses wanting to display ads on Google and its advertising network.  Advertising is obviously what Google does best and is how they make most of their money, but it can also be a lifeline for your business too.  Adwords needs other components to be effective.  Combined with a complmentary web site, SEO optimization and perhaps some other forms of advertising in the mix, Adwords can make the difference in your business staying the way it is, loosing market share (if you don’t use Adwords and a competitor does) or increasing beyond your dreams.

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There are two main types of Adwords.  Display ads and text based ads.  TrendStrategics is a Topeka Kansas Web Design and Marketing Company.

Text Based Ads (Search Network)

The more text based ads you have the better.  A good practice would be to have about 100 different text ads that we can run at various times.  This change up will help with your visibility and increase visitors to your site.

Any time we talk about increasing visitors to your site, what we are actually talking about is bringing awareness to your brand/company.  We can’t force people to do business with you, but we can help with awareness, web authority and brand recognition.

When people search Google with a specific word or phrase, it means they have intent.  They are looking for something, and if your company is visible and your ads come up, then it is highly likely that they are going to visit your site and consider you for taking care of what they are looking for.

This is an incredibly efficient form of advertising in that you only pay for people who have interest (this is targeting).  Unlike CPM (cost per thousand impressions) where you pay for your ad to be seen by everybody or streamlined down to everybody in a certain demographics.  PPC actually works better because you are targeting people who have a CURRENT interest in what you have to offer.  They are searching a particular word or combination of words.  And if your ad comes up as a viable option, they will click on it and now you have a good chance of getting that business.

The Adwords marketplace works as an auction. People bid for clicks. But, the highest bid doesn’t always win. Google combines the cost factor with a quality factor, in order to create the best experience for the user.

Quality Score

You will pay less on CPC if you have a high quality score

Google AdWords will assess your max bid + Quality Score + Ad Rank and compare those against your competitors in order to determine what you’re going to pay.

Advertise with Display Ads on Display Select

 You can advertise with Display Ads seen only on Google.  This works well in conjunction with text based ads.  Text based ads are the small ones that come up when a keyword search is used.  In other words, someone is looking for a welding shop in (your town).  They key in “welding shop (my town).  If you are a welding shop, this should bring you up easily.  From Yelp to Google My Business, to keywords that your webmaster has in the meta tags coded into your website and of course the adwords you are paying for.  Obviously, in this scenario, it would be a waste of money to put such a generic term in your pay per click campaign because if all else is done properly, you will undoubtedly come up organically.  So that may not be a good example.

But say your business is a bit more complex to quantify than that, so you need to have ads that relate to how your prospect will be able to find you.  This is really the easiest way of putting it.  Try to visualize (if you didn’t know your business existed) how you would find such a business as yours.  Now reverse engineer that and develop a plan that addresses that process.

Advertise on the Network (Display Network)?

When we place ads with Google, The Google includes banner ads on other websites across the internet.  This can get expensive FAST.  Unless you have deep pockets and a wide audience (target) to do business with I do not recommend this option starting out.  While cost per click is generally lower than text based ads, you are not really in control of where they are placed.  Google is very good at placing ads, but they are not foolproof.

How many times have you viewed a product and then been slammed with ads that pertain to that brand or item?  You may have already made your decision and bought that item from one of the first places you visited, but Google doesn’t know that and they keep coming at you with ads about that “thing”.  This helps Google because they take the advertisers money, but is pretty lousy for the advertiser!  The best practice for a smaller company is to target your market with text ads and spend money on a dynamite web site and SEO.

Do not run campaigns on both the Search and Display Networks simultaneously.

First, it can be costly and Second it could make it difficult to analyze which ads are pulling and which ones aren’t.  Note display network is different from display select where you can choose where your display ads are placed.

Neil Patel has worked with Google and has insight into the use of Adwords.  If you want to handle the Adwords advertising yourself, I strongly suggest his page (link bleow)


Different Types of Display Adverts

It is a common misconception that the Display Network only provides you with the option of displaying image ads. The Google Display Network allows you to advertise in a variety of formats and sizes with text ads, static and animated image ads, rich media and video ads.

Text Ads

 — text ads on display are the same as you would on the search network. Text ads consist of a headline and two lines of text, and allow advertisers to create a range of ads to text which copy is generating the most clicks.

Image Ads

 —a static image that fill the entire ad block on the website it appears upon. You can custom your image, layouts and background colors on image ads.

Rich media Ads

 — includes interactive elements, animations or other aspects that change depending on who is looking at the ad and how they interact with it.

Video Ads

 — more and more are videos being used to advertise.

Adword Science

 Google Adword advertising can be so overwhelming that you get lost in the first 3 minutes.  Don’t worry, we do the work for you.  After our conversations about your needs and goals, we will develop a plan and work with you on your adword budget (both daily and monthly).

While advertising is an expense on your ledger, if done properly your business should increase way over the cost of your campaigns, thus increasing your bottom line and making your ledger happy!

Volumes and volumes have been written and are written every day about Adwords so no need for you to learn indepth concepts.  However, it is good for you to have a basic knowledge of the subject so you can see the value in it’s use.

A la carte

 TrendStrategics offers a variety of services.  No two companies have the same need, and may not have a good ROI on everything we offer.  That is why we do not offer pre-planned packages.  We start with a conversation (see https://trendstrategics.com/process/).  After a conversation, we can start to determine the best strategies for what you want to accomplish.  Discuss, Recommend, Implement.

Ask about our 1-2-3 knockout system when conversing with us about your business needs.  It may or may not apply to your business.  And no, you won’t find this on our site.  It is one of the assets that we have in our arsenal to help our clients achieve their goals.

If you want to increase your market share, get more business, better your bottom line, give TrendStrategics a call. I Look forward to hearing from you.

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